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Activities/Work Books for Children with FASD

Hi all, does anybody know of any worksheets/activities suitable for children with FASD? I find much of the homework that comes home from school highly inappropriate for my child and I was wondering if there are any more practical resources available to work through with my child. Maybe activities about how to plan, how to help with memory and maybe activities about day to day life - getting dressed, personal hygiene etc. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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My son is 16 - I use a book called Developing Life Skills which has exercises on relationships nutrition grooming etc. I got it from amazon. If you search "developing life skills" and "developing social skills" you might find something helpful.


I would also add if you search online for autism social stories you might find helpful tips. I haven't used any of the sites myself (I might start though) so can't recommend any particular one.


How old is your child? Also, some kids with FASD, they never get it on these issues and require someone to support them with these tasks every day for life, but you will only know by encouraging independence and discovering for yourself how far they can go - and they might surprise you!!

However, if you are finding the homework inappropriate, have you told school? How do they feel your child is progressing? What extra support and help is in place?

Try The FASD Trust direct for info - drop an email to


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