FASD son - hands always down pants!!

My 6 yr old son with FASD always has is had down his pants. Hard to know if it's a sensory or comforting thing or just him 'being a boy' or a habit. At home this has decreased but at school the teacher reported to me on Monday its more and more regular. Any thoughts on why? And how to decrease this? Have any of you had the same issue with your little ones?Teacher has tried a fidget ball but he's not interested in using it. Not sure how much perseverance she has done with it though. The school are brilliant and have been fully trained by The FASD Trust.

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  • I have this too with my ten year old daughter - always sticking her hands down her pats and invariably giving herself infections; I should have shares in Canistan!!!  But I agree that this is definitely a trait and there simply is no way of deflecting this sensory touch; I've given up trying alternatives and am hoarse from telling her not to!

    Unfortunately this becomes more obvious to other children and teachers as the child grows.  Normally, growing children can regulate themselves in company, but this seems not to be the case with some FASD.

    Sorry its not better news,


  • Thanks for your reply! I suppose I just wanted to know if it is FASD related or just a boy/habit thing! Am you have a girl so certainly not a boy thing in your case! 

  • I don't know how to deal with it but my son aged 9.5 is also the same. Not sure about him in school but he does it all the time while standing about 2 inches from t.v. And also jumps up and down at the same time.

    Without being rude, my son has had problems big time with sensory stuff and even as a babe in nappies it was always standing to attention. I thought it was sensory but didn't have the nerve to post about it without sounding rude. Thank you. Xxx

  • Thanks for your reply. We can post anythg here.... All in the same boat!! 

  • It is a boy thing and in neurotypical boy they would outgrow doing this in public by the age of around 5-6 but as we all know FASD children are usually around half their genetic age so he won't be stopping it any time soon probably my two eldest boys who both have FASD still do it at times and they are 12 & 14 . For most children it's a comfort thing especially boys I know quite a few men who still use it as a comfort thing lol. But if the school are as good as you say they should be understanding about this. 

  • Yes they are great about it. The teacher was just after ideas to help stop him as other children were commenting and he stands out enough in class as it is. Thanks for this I was thinking the same - a boy thing plus maybe sensory/comforting (hence more at school where he can become overwhelmed) then as in the mix he won't grow out of it til later than a neurotypical boy.... Oh the joys 😆

  • Maybe see if you can find something else that might give him comfort but the problem with that is if you find something else such as a blanket etc that too could single him out. The trouble we've discovered is that as they get older the differences between our boys and their peers became more obvious especially once they started senior school. As long as you have a good support network though it will help a lot. Good luck and enjoy him x

  • Hello,

    It sounds like his behaviour has decreased at home, but increased at school. This sounds like it is a sensory seeking behaviour perhaps to regulate his anxieties. I wonder at school has there been any changes (no matter how small) which could have contributed to your son feeling more anxious. I might be useful to find out from the teachers what situations this behaviour occurs in i.e. what time of day does the behaviour occur, what is normally happening before, how did your son seem to be (was he hungry, bored, over stimulated by noise, agitated etc). This might help understand the function of the behaviour better and to intervene sooner. If you discover the behaviour occurs following a certain situation then try to promote your son to regulate with a different sensory behaviour which you know he is fond of, and when he does use this then praise him for it.

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