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FASD in adults

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could help me. My mothers partner was told he had Asperger's early last year, however, after researching FASD for an assignment, I believe he has FASD .

What are the common signs of FASD in adults? My mothers partner did not receive any help with any form of condition as a child from his adoptive parents, or school when growing up.

He is has all the physical symptoms of FASD, short, small head, thin lip etc., he is also incredibly forgetful, forgetting things he is being constantly reminded of, focuses on small, trivial things, like changing the kitchen bin twice a day, he can never seem to find anything, even if it's right in front of him and he's looking at it, unless it's pointed out, he can't seem to see it. He isn't very good with people socially, and has no friends, and doesn't attempt to make any, he has a very weird way of talking, almost whiney. He is also very violent and unpredictable, he compulsively lies, even about things as trivial as dropping the hoover.

Does anyone think this sounds like FASD? Just looking for some answers, thank you x

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Take a look at You would need to know details about his birth mother, if anyone has that info. We have lots of people diagnosed with FASD as adults. The symptoms of FASD are the same throughout life.

However, it sounds like he needs some help and support and so do you. Have you had any contact with your local health authority and mental health services? Talk to your GP and ask to be put in touch with the Adult Learning Disability Nurse and ask the GP for any other support for you as a family unit, as well as your Mum's partner.

Thinking of you.


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