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Time to be a bit more pro-active!

Hello - it is great to see this FASD group. We have adopted twin boys, aged 6, who we have always felt had FASD & we are now pushing for a diagnosis. One of our main concerns is whether they should currently be in mainstream school as they have significant delays & are not given much one-to-one assistance. We are excited that we can now be in contact with other parents with similar challenges in their (rather busy!) lives!

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Glad you've found unlocked. The FASD Trust also run support groups across the UK. Contact them and they will let you know your nearest group.


Every child is different and with FASD what suits at one age may not suit at another. One of ours started mainstream then went special needs. It also depends on what is offered in your local area which suits your child. Sorry if this is a non-answer but I think most of us go with our gut instinct and pray it is right!!


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