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A very testing six years

Hi all,

Well at last we have found a group to support us! We have two adopted childeren , our eldest is now 9 and is about to be tested for ADD, our youngest ,we had , well hell with for six years.

We had to leave one school as we was a victim of Malious intent, as three parents thought we was hurting our youngest, and his behaviour well was off the wall to say the least. We was investigated by social services and nothing was found , we had to call the police in to speak to these so called parents and they was cautioned.

At the new school ,well they didn't understand FASD, and kept saying that they are a little angel in school and how could they be suffering from this condition. So much so they was saying they are austic and could they put them on the ASP.

Again we was investigated by social service due to lying by the youngest, aghhh.

They are on medication for ADHD, we can't increase the dose because not gaining weight, even though they eat huge amounts of good healthy food, they are still in a nappy at bedtime , due to the fact they will wee the bed, and even the room. Plus they don't sleep , does this all sound familiar to some of you.

So has anybody else had a tough time with a child with FASD, our youngest has FASD, ADHD, and SPD. Would anybody like to share their thoughts and what if anything else we can put in place?

Thank you beforehand for your support.

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Poor you, you have had a rough time! Get yourself a copy of this book, highly recommend it

And look at to see if there is a support group near you.


Hi joy girl

Yes we got the book for us, and also bought a copy for the senco teacher. The FASD trust have been amazing, support is there, and we would support anybody else. Yes it has been tough , and we have learnt so much.

Thank you again


There are no easy answers, are there, but at least we know we are not on our own in parenting these kids - we have 2 teenagers - hormones make it interesting !!!


I agree and we have all that to come!,



We have also had a 'very testing six years'. We have 2 adopted children. A son aged 10 years recently diagnosed with ARND and a daughter (age 6 years) not yet diagnosed.

I have found that it is best to 'divide and conquer' ie children with FAS do very well on a one to one. Therefore, keeping the children doing their separate activities, ie in separate rooms in the home, works very well, and eliminates the potential for unsuccessful interactions throughout the day. Then when you come together for your evening meal, again sit children separately and in between/either side of the adult.

I feel sorry that you have had to deal with such negative behaviour from others. But I think this is not uncommon as FAS is in its infancy in this country, albeit extremely difficult to deal with when you are already exhausted from trying to best support your children.

Keep being strong and keep advocating for your children!


Thank you,

Thank you for the messages and support. Yes albeit we do what you have suggested, but by accident. We agree with you there needs to be more awareness of FASD , and what can be done to help and be put in place.

Please anything we can exchange notes with , please feel free to drop us a message.

Kind regards D and P.


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