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Adoption Support Fund - Apply!

If you're an adopter, no matter how long you've had your child, it is really important to contact your local authority for an Assessment of Adoption Support Needs so that you can access the new Adoption Support Fund which has come into operation today.

The funding is only guaranteed for one year, so it's essential we access it as soon as possible.

Even if you don't think your child has any additional needs - still apply. Once the adoption support assessment has been done you may find you can access therapies, clinical assessments and other support that you weren't aware of.

The money is there for our adopted children to be supported in any way they need!

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Does this only apply to England or does it apply to Wales too?



Hello there

Take a look at the official adoption support fund website which is here:

It's got a page of FAQ's and I'm sure it will explain whether or not the fund applies in Wales.


Thanks for the link. Unfortunately for me it only applies to children adopted from care in England or from Wales but living in England 😞


Hi, does anyone know if this just applies to adopters or includes those who have taken up Special Guardianship Orders.


Hi there

Take a look at the offical adoption support fund website which is here:

I don't know about special guardianship myself, but I'm sure there will be information about it on the website.

Or you could contact Adoption UK as they will know.


It only applies to adoption not SGOs.


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