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a newly suggested diagnosis

It has recently been suggested that our grandchild who has lived with us on a residence order for the past 8 1/2 years may have fasd, she is now 10 yrs old thanks to a brilliant senco at her new school who after meeting her only twice. we are now seeking help for a condition that we were previously unaware of but on reading about it can see many of the things associated with fasd in her. Over the time she has been at school we have constantly questioned teachers why she is struggling in certain areas and asked for help and strategies to help her but unfortunately our concerns were ignored or dismissed resulting in frustration and unhappiness for her and ourselves.

We are now waiting for an appointment with Community Paediatrics, receiving support from the senco and her new school in helping us understand the problems and how to deal with them in an affective way. Hopefully we can now start to help her in a positive way and let go of the many years of negativity we feel she and us received before.

Living in Cornwall it is difficult to find local help and was pleased to hear from the fasd trust that they are looking to open a support group here.

Any advice on what strategies help with reading, impulsive behaviour and maths would be much appreciated, especially any books or methods of reading that could help her with her understanding of what she is reading.

Thank you


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Try Julia Brown and Dr Mary Mather book,


Hi there

It sounds like you're at the start of a new positive phase in your granddaughters education. That's really good news.

The information and guidance we have had most help from is by NOFAS, and here is the link to it:

It's a really detailed booklet called Strategies not Solutions. I'm sure you'll find some help in there.

Take a look at the other resources on the NOFAS website, as there are lots of really useful guides.

Good luck with working with your new, supportive senco.

best wishes

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So good to hear that FASD has been recognised that in itself can only bring positive results for your granddaughter. I can highly recommend the book by Julia Brown and Dr Mary Mather. This will undoubted help you and your granddaughter in all aspects of her life. The FASD Trust also have booklets and leaflets to help. Have a look on their website.


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