Incontinence getting worse

My 4 yr old adopted daughter was almost toilet trained last summer but has gradually been wetting more and more. She is now wet up to 4 times a day. Should I put her back into nappies? We haven't even tried getting her dry at night yet. There seems to be no pattern to it, she can be playing happily with us or can be watching tv etc. I don't think she is too absorbed in the activity. She doesn't seem bothered by the fact that she is wet.

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  • If she was dry, it might be worth thinking about medication. My son was on oxybutinin between the ages of about 5 and 8, and it seemed to reduce the sudden urges and frequency of needing to go. he was keen to stop, so he came off a couple of years ago, we still have a lot of leaks, but he is pretty good at avoiding full scale accidents!

  • Our adopted son has been in and out of hospitals, on all sorts of medication from the age of 3.5. He's now seven and back in nappies 24/7. None of it makes sense to either ourselves or the medical profession. He's still not bothered about completely soiling of indeed wetting. I wrote a post a while back about my son, you may want to have a read x

  • My adopted son is 5 in a few weeks and he did exactly the same. Toilet trained later than 'usual' but achieved it but then a stage of loads of accidents for months - sometimes 4/5 a day. At nursery, home, nannies etc. this went on for months. I didn't react, just cleaned him up and reminded him that when he feels like he needs a wee to try to remember to get to the toilet. Slowly it all corrected itself. He still wears pull ups at night time. We just can't seem to get him set through the night. But then my now 8 yr old birth daughter without FASD wore pull ups until 5 and a half so I don't worry about it.

  • Thank you for your comments.

  • MY son is now 12 (adopted& has fasd and epilepsy) we have had all sorts of toileting issues over the years. You think you have got him to a new stage then he seems to unlearn and go backwards again. He was not dry at night until last year - nappies were helpful but as he got bigger they just didn't manage to stem the flow so washing the sheets every day.

    Then he went back to a stage of not been able to wipe properly - very messy and distressing for all of the family. Got that back under control - no idea how! He has been on various medication - didn't work. I think a lot of it is down to sensitivity of physical feeling which comes and goes. And the fact that he is wired chaotically because of the alcohol damage.

    One thing that did eventually help with the night time dryness was he set an alarm in the middle of the night to remind him to go to the loo - worked a treat could not believe it - but he had to be the one to decide it would work for him and I guess the time had to be right - they do stuff when they do it and not before. Good luck and stay patient.

  • Ask your health visitor or GP if you have an incontinence advisory nurse in your area, they can help with practical tips, toilet issues "normal" in FASD kids. Hard not to, I know, but do try not to worry or be stressed by it. The next challenge will be getting them to remember to flush the loo every time!!!!

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