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Separation anxiety

Is separation anxiety a particularly strong future of FAE / ARND?

This is one our biggest challenges with my son. He currently partially fits the diagnosis for ADHD, ASD, Anxiety Disorder, attachment issues, SPD; (I've also wondered about mild dyspraxia) but doesn't properly fit any of them enough for diagnosis.

The separation anxiety doesn't seem to be mentioned as a feature of any of these.

He also seems to me and my husband to be very very bright - does FAE and ARND always affect IQ?


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Those with fas can either have significant learning difficulties (IQ of less than 70) or they can be quite bright. It is well documented in the research that those with FASD are more likely to have anxiety, to be highly anxious.


Hi my 10 year old has just been diagnosed with A R N D and like you separation from familiar environment and family causes high levels of anxiety.I have no answers only she is better when adults treat her like a 4 year old give lots of structure and most importantly allow for her short term memory problems .Indeed we have just secured a statement of special needs based on attachment difficulties, and other stuff but not educational difficulties.It was a long journey.Cahms were very supportive but I know this varies according to area.Good luck to you and your family .


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