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Good afternoon, I am hoping for some advice regarding my current situation. My foster daughter who has FAS has great problems with homework, she is in year 9 and her school are very aware of her memory etc. her French teacher has been very tough on her about this, I have been in touch with the Senco. She came home crying & showed me her teacher had written in large red print in her log book, 3 homeworks forgottens your child needs to get more organised and committed to her work....I am livid. I have contacted school as yet with no reply, am I being over the top to make an official complaint? Do I contact ofstead? Very grateful for your thoughts.

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  • I say take a deepbreath and make every positive noise and complaint to them all then scream down the nearest tunnel.! I take it they are all aware of fasd and its impact? Good luck.

  • Make an appointment with the French teacher and year head ....take them the fasd trust booklet fir teachers ... And explain that your daughter needs 1 piece of work and 1 instruction at a time ...I would ask them to work with you , she can achieve if you all support her ...you may have to explain her needs many many times , but don't give up .. if you are getting no where , then a complaint might be necessary , but try working it out first .. and make sure to tell your daughter, you know she's trying hard and you are going to help her ...best of luck xx

  • Thank you, I bought all the teachers a booklet each over a year ago, every parents evening I again explain to them. The SENCO emails her teachers each term to update them, but still the message seems to be missed. The teacher wrote back to me yesterday and said all she knew was my daughter panicked under pressure, that doesn't quite cover FAS. Will see how it goes x

  • Sounds like your daughter might not be getting the support she needs is she getting

    One to one support where needed .homework can be difficult with most young children

    More so with fasd may be easier with support in homework club at school with school structure already in place we found this to be much more productive as our child

    Couldn't cope with the crossover between school and home homework at homework club problem solved ?

  • Does your foster daughter have a homework diary where she has to write in what homework she needs to do and when to hand it in? Most schools seem to do this now and parent has to sign to say homework has been completed. However this only works if child enters it into diary! Also most schools will give you a homework timetable so you are aware what homework subjects they have each night. After school homework clubs can be helpful but a small snack and a drink will help with concentration.- Senco needs to make it clear to teachers that your foster daughter understands what homework has been set. Is there a teaching assistant in her class that could make sure she understands what homework is required?

  • If you log onto fasdtrust.co.uk/ and select the 'for education professionals and then 'guide for teacher' you can then order the guide. Make an after school appointment with the teacher and go through the book with with her/him. Make sure by the end of the appointment that the teacher is aware of your child's difficulties explain how it affects them and how the teacher's behaviour is making the child feel. Explain to the teacher that using red pen over the work is not helping the child and that unfortunately your child may never progress further and the negativity is not helping. Sometimes teachers need help understanding a child and their needs. (I am a teacher) Hope this helps.

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