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Not a question but have to share this!

We've just spent 2 fantastic weeks in Florida doing all the theme parks (and the 9 hour flights in both directions) and we are both so proud of our (soon to be 4 yr old) daughter..... She coped so well and told us when she had enough. We kept to a reasonable routine and it all worked so well. we'd been extremely nervous about it but it went like a dream. Yes, we had some potential flashpoints but we worked round them and it meant that we all got to have a fabulous holiday. we even managed to eat in a restaurant one night without any major incidents.

And to cap it all, she wrote her name on her own for the first time without any help whatsoever. It really made Father's Day!

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So, glad you had a great holiday...... and love you sharing those "Proud Parent Moments".

Our daughter is 14 now and we had a great party for her birthday with people aged 3 to 83 at the party, all who call our daughter their friend, so who says our kids can't achieve? it is just different, that's all, but maybe that makes it more special?


This is a brilliant example of what can be achieved with patience and love.. Well done to you all for the great team effort xxxxx


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