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Parents evening frustration- year 8

One of her teachers said that she has no short term memory problems, they question the diagnosis of FASD. I felt like i was back per diagnosis where I was questioned and poo pooed. This teacher sees her for 1 hour a week. I know I should have been stronger but wasnt sure what to say in an open environment

Do they even see my precious child? Sorry rant over x

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Hi Poppy74

I'm yet to get diagnosis for my son who is 7 and sometimes feel that I should have been stronger with the paediatrician who ruled it out because of no 'facial features'. The frustration over this has eaten me up and I've not yet revisited it. FASD is not diagnosed lightly. Just hold on to the fact that the teachers have a different agenda to you. They don't see the detail of your child that you see. They have no real knowledge of the condition and aren't in a position to question it. Hold on to what you know and keep strong. Just subtly let them know that you aren't going away and will keep pushing for what is best for your daughter. Once described to me as being a velvet bulldozer :) x


a lot of people say it is harder at secondary school as you are dealing with multiple teachers, multiple subjects, more kids, bigger building....Parents evenings as well are not always an ideal place to have an indepth discussion when you have 5 minutes and they have 300 parents to see. Keep smiling and as Rachael1975 says, "I ain't going anywhere, baby.".... Try standing in the kitchen at home and banging all the pan lids together - it might help make you feel better.........


Thank you for your comments, they really do help x


Hi again,

One of the reasons we chose to home educate. School did not see anything wrong, no language issues etc and that is with a diagnosis and reports and phone calls to school from neuropsychologist, Psychiatrist ant OT! Lots of meetings, notes back and forth almost daily, positive behaviour book and so it went on. Just got sick and tired of it all.


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