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Bells Palsy

I had a Brain Tumour operation in December last year and it affected my right eye. loss of hearing in one ear and Bell Palsy on right hand side......its going to almost one year on 15th December 2014...My eye sight has improved sightly although I have to use Lucilube at night and eye drops every hour in the morning prescribe by the eye hospital in Manchester. I have been given a hearing aid for one ear as the surgeon said that it is unlikely my hearing will come back and as for Facial Palsy I am receiving treatment from Lindens Clinic in Sale in Manchester funded by the CCG. It is a long process but luckly I am feeling the sensation on my mouth and cheek bone area slowly. I have been given a stimulator to use at home for 3 hours a day to stimulate my facial muscles and they see me once every month at the clinic. They are I must say very very good, very friendly and very supportive. The surgeon anticipates that because I had such a major operation it will take at least 12-24 month before everything gets back to normal. I have to say the aftercare I have received from Dr Rutherford (the surgeon) at Salford Royal and his team so far has been fantastic. I wish him well in his career......

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I had a brain tumour removed last April and post op have facial palsy on my left side, eye wont shut and is taped at night, lacri-lube used day and night. Speech is improving and I have a bit of movement around my mouth now. I don't have any hearing in my left ear as the vestibular nerve was cut in order to remove the tumour. They have also suggested using trophic stimulator but am not sure I can cope with using it 3 hours every day. Interested to know what results/benefits you have had from it.


I have the same problem as you....its almost 12 months for me now...I attend a clinic in Sale in Manchester where they have given me a stimulator to use for 3 hours at home....although I cant feel much improvement myself, the clinic and my friends can see alot of improvement in me....I guess I am just being abit impatient. I still have alot of difficulty when I am eating as my eye starts watering straight away so I find it very very embarassing to eat in public....I would suggest you use the stimulator but not everyday....maybe just 3 or 4 times a week...it might help...


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