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Bell's Palsy Dos and Don'ts

Hi, great to see y'all here.

First of all, I thank those who created this website and shared so much info on this topic, and also wish those who are suffering it, be strong and have a speedy recovery.

I would like to know if strenous exercise would affect the recovery, such as jogging, weight training etc.

Would it affect the nerve when I apply force elsewhere of my body?

Just to share my condition and recovery experience:

It's been a month since it first struck and my face paralyzed completely over 3 days.

ENT told me that I'm the highest grade, grade 6. (not sure which scale he's using though)

I'm on Steroid since then, and anti viral for the first week and now (fourth week, second and third week no antiviral)

and at the same time, I'm doing acupuncture.

So far, the affected side resume some movement since last week (eye brow, face and corner of mouth)

I did have slight movement at the mouth corner on the second week but as soon as I stop the steroid, that abilitywent away.

Anyone could suggest if I should stop the steroid?

I don't want to depend on it for too long.

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The general advice when you have Bell's palsy is to rest, so while we cannot comment on whether particular strenuous exercise will affect your recovery, we do advise people to rest and make life as stress free as possible. Research shows that steroids should be given within the first 72 hours of the Bell's palsy developing to improve chances for recovery. You would need to ask your own doctor for specific advice about completing your course. Hope you feel better soon!

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ah.. ok thanks. just an update. ENT follow up schedule in June 10. Meanwhile I'm still on steroid, 20mg/day.

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How are you getting on?


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