Trying for baby#2 ?

I'm 34 and have a 9 mo son. He’s a DE child, after years of struggling. He is the light of our life and we love him dearly. He has a very easy going temperament.  Only one issue we have is early waking!

My husband has chronic fatigue and I suffered really badly with morning sickness for 8 months. I have found it so hard to transition from independent career woman to mummy.

 I look at my son and know he would be delighted with a sibling. But I'm scared of the effect another child would have on our lives. My husband can just about cope with his job.  And majority of house and childcare falls to me!! Also our marriage has suffered since he came along. My husband has so little energy.. I'm wondering if we should stop at 1 and enjoy the wonderful little soul that we have. Or whether I will really regret not having another. Such mixed feelings. Though we’ve still got much time but frankly saying I’m afraid about my health worsening conditions. And would we get a horror?!!

Our doc at biotexcom clinic who performed ivf cycles, told us not to wait too long with the decision as for baby#2 due to my health conditions (DH is OK, fortunately.), my eggs have already lost their quality, so we need donor ones again. But I feel like I’m losing strength and with every other day it becomes harder to do the chores…

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Hugs xx

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  • Hi, dear! This sounds so amusing! I think you're a good mother and I guess you're making the right decision not to delay the birth of baby#2. I believe your small one would absolutely thank you for the sibling :) As for how hard it will be - totally yes, I suppose. So here's a piece of advice I'd listen to being in your shoes. You're still very young. So you have some time at your depo. I'd take some time to recover fully (They say it takes at least a year to come to the normal shape. I don't have children on my own. Right now we're in Ukrainian clinic passing DE IVF program there.) I think you're not quite emotionally prepared for another baby right now. Take some time to come to norm first. Then I wish you all the best of luck with your baby#2!!

    May God bless you and your family. Hugs Xx

  • Hi, I can't help much with personal experiences, but a close friend of mine was in the same boat, but she decided to ttc a sibling for her DD. Finally she used de to conceive at Gdansk clinic where she underwent her 1st ivf. Good luck with yr journey xx

  • Hi, ladies! Thanks for your replies. It has been some time since my last visit to this board. Actually lots of things changed. So just wanted to keep updated as our DE shot with the previous Biotexcom clinic ended in BFP :) So no more questions as for a sibling for our little son. Everything's already decided and done, and hopefully developing well and fast - lol. I'm exhausted but very happy mom and also mom-to-be. But I clearly understand this is our way and it's just like it has to be. And this makes me so happy that in another 8 months we'll have another baby. May this be a lovely girl this time, so I guess our dream would be absolutely fulfilled :) Thanks you, lovelies for the support, I'm always thinking of ladies like me wanting their kids desperately. And I'm always praying for them and every couple on this path. So may this 2nd journey be smooth and fast, looking forward for the 1st scan XX

  • Hi! Posted you on another thread. And now knowing you've gone through all this successfully I'm extremely happy you made the right decision. I've read a lot about the place you were in on forums. People are satisfied with its packages. I read they have all inclusive programs and give guarantees. Will you share your experience?

    Sending you lots of hugs :)

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