How were your docs??

Hi, dear All!

I'm writing this as I've read a confusing post on one of the forums dealing with infertility. Writing to people in the same boat became the part of my life. Even now when we've successfully accomplished our de ivf treatment in Ukrainian Biotexcom clinic and do parenting job, I'm totally for saying some soothing words for others. Though even not for a long it might bring them relief..

So, this is the problem a lady states. She's been TTC for almost 4 years, likely made their mind together with the doc as for the most appropriate route. Before this they were suggested IUI, ICSI, IVF - whatever, she says, just to loom their money. In haste they did some rounds of IUI - most failed, one ended in BFN, lately with early miscarriage.

Then another round with ICSI - no success as it turned out impossible to conceive with their own eggs. I don't know whether for emotional strength or being reality but she blames her docs being not understanding and supportive, though being higly qualified to everything women have to go through. They are just lucky bodies having got pregnant with one cough, the last one being prego 6 months, and not a single supportive word of wisdom or any cheering up..

This sound really hurtful, doesn't it?! Apparently I can say only the best words as for our Biotexcom staff ready to give a helping hand every minute you need it, day and night. So, I'm so so awfully sorry for the lady facing the different attitude.

So ladies what about your clinics, their staff, your docs? Did you like the way you were treated?

Strong hugs, lovelies Xx Seems people need us and we each other!

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  • Thanks for your post - it's good to hear you felt supported by your clinic.

  • Hey, hun! We're passing IVF with donor eggs in this clinic now. I absolutely agree people there are gorgeous. This is our 1st shot. Everything's going pretty fast and smoothly. We spent less than 2 weeks on donor matching program which is also faster than we thought it would be. We've met some couples undergoing the same treatment. And I'm amazed they are so open about their treatment. I also love the way their psychologists  work with the couples.

    All that noise in the hall. People running up and down the stairs, pregnant women, couples discussing the issues with their counselors - such a busy atmosphere. And know what - this doesn't make us nervous. All this just inspires us with every other visit. Of course all these people are and will be playing an important role in our life. And I'm so thankful to them for it. I wish all couples everywhere feel confident and comfortable with the staff they're working with..

  • Hi, thanks for your post and it is great to read stories with happy end. Friends of mine have also undergone fertility treatment with positive outcome. One friend has experienced multiple mcs but thanks to PGS NGS and her knowledgeable doc she finally conceived and has a gorgeous daughter now.

  • Hi, ladies! Seems 3 months have passed from my last visit. But for a very good excuse. We're currently passing DE IVF shot with our previous clinic for a sibling. This decision was not the easiest for us as we have always wanted more children but were afraid we wouldn't cope. Thanks to ladies here and there on the forums we made our mind and went off. :) Like our first time the process went quite fast, as they knew our medical histories and the break period was pretty short. The staff hasn’t changed; they welcomed us and said they were sure to see us again. - lol. Since we've been with them I catch myself at the thought how nice it is to be among carrying and understanding people who take your problem as theirs. Whose heart definitely goes for you and your treatment to end successfully. This time it was shot#1 we got our BFP which made us madly surprised as we expected it to be longer.

    So I would also like to say if you feel comfortable with the chosen place, its experts and people, you're twice lucky. It's so important to have people by your side whom you can trust and be sure to be supported. This is so nice ladies can share your failures and success and calm you down with a soothing word.

    Fingers crossed for everybody on this path XX God luck!