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Impactation in 5 year old..

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Help I have tried everything. My 5 year old has impactation and is on 3 laxido a day. Hes in pull-ups at night as hes wet through and poo's whilst sleeping. He is in pull-ups in the day too for poo's as wont sit on the loo I've brought a good seat with steps we've tried reward charts nothing will get him to sit on the loo he freaks out. He will wet himself and seam to not realise he has done it. He is irrational about the weather if raining I have to shut curtains as worried it will flood he is scared of the wind incase he/we blow away, going up and down hills to fast he freaks out(a new thing) and wont let me cut his hair. He crys and worries its such hard work every day I dont know what to do anymore. We are having a scan on 8th Aug to see if theres any other issues that could cause it and awaiting an appointment with the dieticians but been there before nothing comes of that so I'm not hopeful I will get anywhere.

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If he is impacted you need more than 3 sachets to address it, are you currently disimpacting him? He is wetting himself because the full bowel is pressing on the bladder hence the accidents.

Is this anxiety caused by lockdown you think or is he naturally anxious?

This situation has had a massive affect on our little ones.

Basically if he’s impacted then it might be painful to poo and he would have lost a lot of sensation of when to go. By disimpacting him and clearing the blockage (Movicol and Laxido add water into the poo to make it easier to pass) it will begin to make it less painful and then he can gain confidence again, knowing it’s not going to hurt.

Try following the disimpaction regime (it should be in the information in the box or check out the ERIC website) and when you get to the maximum dose (8 a day I think for a 5 year old) stay there until you get 3 days of rusty water. Then slowly bring him down ( I normally go with reducing a sachet down every 4/5 days).

Meanwhile try to get a toilet routine going about 20 mins after meals - perhaps a little treat if he get on the toilet and then a star and lots of praise when his get one of there. I use bubbles but anything that blows will help make it fun and use the muscles that control thy r bowl.

I’m not going to lie, it’s a long messy process but for my 4 year old it’s beginning to work! Good luck!

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Thanks Bambie, we are currently doing a disimpactation hes had this since he was 2 so done many before he can now go upto 12 sachets a day but dont think will need that many we are on 8 today but still not at that watery point yet. Before this he would have diahrra 10 times a day was awful then once we cut out the dairy was better for a bit then went to this instead weve since tried dairy free again but no change. He won't go anywhere near the toilet for love nor money we've tried everything he will wee in it but even with his special seat he wont sit on even in his pullups on 🙈. I will try the bubbles and see though x

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Oh forgot to say hes always had anxiety about wind and rain but seamed to of eased off abit but this last 2 wks its ramped up again. The bath is hit and miss sometimes he will get in fine other times we have him screaming and I just give him a quick wash and out i usually fond if i get him some foam soap he gets in no problem ha. Hair cutting (I'm a barber) last time I managed to cut half his head and that was all he would let me do 😂🤷‍♀️ now he wont let me near again he says it's too ticklish

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Poor thing - my daughter has full blown tantrums about it, horrendous and if I finally manage to get her on the toilet 5 minutes of bubbles and boom! And I’m like - we could have saved ourselves an hour there! I just wish she would trust me! It’s pretty much the hardest thing I‘ve done as a parent!

Anyway good luck with the disimpaction - I’ve found anything to make it more fun seems to help and distraction is the key!

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