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Hi there,

I’m new to this group but really eager to get any opinions and share experiences.

My son has issues with bed or pants wetting at night.

There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for it. He can sometimes stay up late and have fizzy drinks before bed and be dry then other times all he’s had is a drink of weak squash with his dinner and he’s up twice with wet pants! Often around 4am is the time of wetting. Sometimes he’s then wet again when he gets up.

He’s gone months being dry before, then regresses.

Is there anyone with a similar experience who can offer advice?

He gets really down about it and wonders why him? I just wants to help him x

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No he’s 9 that would mentally scar him for life lol

Have you been referred to a specialist for some help? I’ve no tips I’m afraid but just wanted to say your not alone . My daughter is five so it’s not affecting her emotionally yet but I do understand your frustration and she can be wet many times then randomly dry. There’s no pattern! Really good luck x

Aw thank you no not been referred as yet but I might keep pushing for that! If I do I will let you know how it goes x

My son gets dry, with alarm help, then I notice that over time he can regress. Starts occasionally at night then becomes more frequent so I just go back to the alarm. No rhyme or reason here but see that it can initially start on nights when he's very tired

Ah ok we did try an alarm but it was madness as some nights he’d be up 3 times because the alarm went off! It actually made him worse!! It’s worse in school holidays when he’s out of a routine.

I am having this with my daughter right now (just starting training) she is up every 2 hours! Not sure what to do either... sorry

I am having this with my daughter who is up every 2 hrs at present and not sure whether to see doc or postpone training, but she wants to continue

My son is 9 so he was “trained” a while ago but regressed x

Have you looked at the ingredients of the drinks? my son reacts to sweeteners in drinks so perhaps there is an ingredient in one of the drinks but not the other. We only realised when he reacted to flavoured water at a party but had avoided squash.

Ooo ok thanks! I know some squash is worse than others so yeah I might start looking at that thanks! Which ones do you avoid?

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