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Oxybutynin to help with bladder control.

Hello, my daughter has been taking Oxybutynin to help with her bladder control, she has been taking them for the last 10 weeks and they are helping we have more control.

My question is her wee smells funny, not just strong, acrid almost acidic. Thought I would ask the question if anyone else had come across this.

She also takes senna and movicol, for her bowels. (They seem to be ok at the moment)


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I never noticed a strange smell,glad the drug is working for your kid.we had to take mine off it due to a wide range of side effects from it including tantrums, spells of anger from nowhere, stomach cramps,dry eyes,dry throat etc.....


Hi - we’re on the same combination of oxybutynin, Senna and Movicol and I haven’t noticed the smell. I would go to the GP though as acidic smells in urine can be an indication of diabetes. I’m sure it’s not that (I don’t want you to panic!) but definitely worth flagging to a medical professional. X


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