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Advice on finding correct Movicol maintenance dose


Hi! It would be great to hear how others manage their little ones maintenance dose. My little girl has suffered from constipation following potty training. Following disimpaction we found that the dose of 1 sachet a day worked perfectly for about 6 weeks. Then it seemed too much, poo too loose and she didn’t have control. We reduced to half sachet per day for a week and this isn’t enough as she’s showing signs of withholding again. Where do we go from here? I was thinking of alternating half a sachet/full sachet but it would be great to hear of other methods.

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Hi, I tried to reduce the dose in a similar way but I took half a teaspoon of the powder out at a time before mixing..and we suffered from the same issue.

I read on this forum that the best way to do it is to make up a sachets worth, adding the required amount of water and then reducing from there, say a certain number of ml or a teaspoon. I would then add a bit of oat milk as I usually do to disguise it.

I hope that helps. I haven’t tried to reduce it again for a while and we are still on one dose.

Oh that really helps thanks! I will try that today :)

Good luck. Go slow and hopefully you’ll get to a good place.

Hi my 5year old has been on movicol for almost a year now. We have just attended the hospital for his second appointment. We were on 4 sachets and pico sulphate initially but we found it too much. Dropped out the pico sulphate first as he was going but continued the movicol at four sachets. Over months we dropped to 3 sachets and over the summer to 2 sachets to give him more control at school. Unfortunately he has continued to hold slightly. The consultant suggested back up to 3 per day with pico. I am concerned he won’t be able to hold at school. He also said try three one day and two the next. It is really a balancing act and each child seems so individual. Also a very long process which I thought would be shorter from the books I read. Good luck keep trying to tinker with the dosing.

Hi thanks for your reply! I’ve put her back on 1 sachet per day as she seems uncomfortable & is struggling to poo, perhaps after having too low a dose. Can I just ask how long you keep your little one on a new dose before changing again? My gp said 2 days but that doesn’t seem enough time to gauge things...

I was told not to adjust too quickly. When I have dropped I have only dropped it once for a number of weeks before adjusting again. We went up to three and added pico back in over Friday and the weekend and today he has had 2 poo accidents very soft but obviously has tried to hold it but couldn’t. I’m now unsure what dose to continue. I might keep going this week and if we have lots more accidents I might drop the movicol by half a sachet.

Great thanks! Good luck!

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