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Desperate for help - 5 year old soiling


I am so pleased to find this forum. My 5 year old son has problems with his poo (and using the toilet in general). He often has wee accidents in the day and is in pull ups at night.

We went to see a paediatrician about his development and she said she has no concerns and just use movicol to help the poos - but this makes it worse and means he has more accidents/soiling.

The only thing that seems to work is if we give my son a huge reward for each poo on the toilet - then he manages to do it for a week but then reverts back to not going for days and then soiling.

I am at my wits end - I feel like I’ve been potty training for 3 years

Please help

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We were at this stage last year with my now 6 year old daughter, - I recently put a post on my page on the things we’ve done to improve the soiling you might find some hints/tips there that may work for your son

Good luck



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