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Prescription query?

Having finally cleared out my daughter we have been told to give her daily doses of senokot and sodium picosulphate - i thought these were both laxatives doing much the same thing - it seems a bit overkill to me and we've been told to drop the movicol and use these instead simply because they said start with 8 mobicol a day and we've had trouble getting her to take that many.

I know the idea is to make sure they poo but surely this will just be water - she really needs to get back to school!

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That does sound a bit strange. As you say they are both stimulant laxatives. Could you phone GP and ask why 2 are needed? They may have a reason. From my experience senokot is more gentle.


I am surprised that's two stimulants.my son refused to take movicol after having to take so many sachets.he now takes lactulose and pico


I was told this at the hospital and that if i had any questions to ask my gp (who have in the past been very unhelpful!) we have an appointment with a consultant but not until feb - I get the impression im basically on my own til then but i will try gp later.


I think an osmotic laxative nightly would be enough- such as 1 sachet Movicol Junior or Osmolax (which is tasteless & can be put in other drinks or even water) or a dose of Lactulose. The really important thing is to try to keep the poo soft & happening daily, so you can adjust the laxative dose around that happening. Best to check with your GP as the others have said.


1 sachet might well not be enough, the average dose is 1-2.

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