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What is elimination communication or 'nappy free' potty training?

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Has anyone tried this with their children?


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I have relatives from a culture where this is done. There can be issues where the 'conscious mind' is so powerful that they can only evacuate when it feels right - eg certain times of day/places. Otherwise they just can't go. Because the behaviour link between pooing and an agreed noise/place/time of day is stronger than the instinctive urge. Ironically this can leave the person quite prone to constipation and having to focus on finding a good place/time to poo for the rest of their life - the control is 'too' good!

I babywore, natural term breastfed etc (still got a consipated kid lol) and a sort of version of this was quite trendy, but they often fundamentally misunderstood that the child wasn't truly potty training. They were following a cue to evacuate which is something different ... and mums were doing it thinking they would have potty trained infants super early, not normal infants that they would have to put on a potty and say ss-s to (they also often missed out this cue and wondered why it didn't work) instead of nappying for a while. It really does need focus on lifting constantly until they are over one, when they become more aware. So lots of people I knew either gave up or ended up wondering why their 'trained' child made a mess all over the place...!


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