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New here and could do with an understanding ear!



I've just joined here and can see I'm in the right place. Just wanted to introduce myself and see if anyone has any suggestions as I've run out of ideas.

My son has just turned 7. He's been on movicol for 2 1/2 years and has been put onto oxybutin (I think I've spelt that wrong!) for urgency over the summer. Whilst he was off school and first on the new needs we made real progress. Pooing on the loo had improved,wet accidents nearly stopped and we really felt that we were seeing some light.

Since returning to school we've gone steadily backwards. We're now back at the point where we have 2/3 soilings a day and/or wet accidents. School are reminding him to go to the loo, he has a vibrating alarm watch, we've tried rewards etc. Today I was sat with him when I heard grunting and realised he was pooing in his pants. He says when he realises it's coming it's too late and he can't do anything to stop it. It was and has been very loose all week. I don't know if he's having too much movicol or if he's constipated again and this is the end result. If anyone has any advice or suggestions that we could try I'd be so grateful.

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I have had similar issues with my daughter who has just turned twelve. She has has chronic constipation since infancy but her situation has become much worse in the last two years.

Just a couple of things that I think you should look into...

-is it possible the your son is withholding? (He may not even know he is doing it!)

-is this overflow?

Also, I have noticed that the return to school at the end of summer is always a difficult time for my daughter which I think is possibly due to the change in routine and as the weather cools she doesn't tend to drink as much either.

Have you had a look at the video by the Poo Nurses? It is on this site and I found it incredible helpful.

Keep reading this site, there is some amazing info and much strength to be gained from knowing you are not alone.

Wishing you and your son good health and happiness.

The Laundrymaid xxx

Hi thank you for your reply. I'm not sure about the withholding. I don't think so yesterday, I genuinely don't think he could stop it yesterday but he definitely has in the past. I'll take a look at the video, thanks! I agree about the drinking too, he's come home with a barely touched water bottle a few times. Will have to nag about that. Xx

I could almost have written this myself! We also have had a significant change since going back to school. Have doubled movical but were still have 2/4 accidents a day. I have started doing the sit on the loo 20 mins after food which is helping quite a bit x

Lynsayb73 in reply to Lubo2009

That sounds like a good routine to get into. Will definitely try that at home. I hope things settle down for you guys. X

Lubo2009 in reply to Lynsayb73

Eric helpline suggested sitting for a minute for each year e.g. 4mins/4 years old. Also to rock and or blow when sitting on loo. Good luck xx

You could ask your GP to feel his abdomen to determine whether he is loose due to too much Movicol, or constipated and passing liquid faeces around the impacted faeces. At least you would know then what you are dealing with - always a good start!

Thank you yes, I think that would be a good place to start as if he is I'll try and sort it over half term.

Mine is only 3 so it's nursery but I had to increase her dose at the start of term - soiling and witholding. It's their instinct during times of change or stress! Hope it gets better soon, with us a revised sitting routine (morning and night) and a bit more movicol seems to be helping although it's early days.

Lynsayb73 in reply to squizita

Thank you! I think we're going to change the time we give the Movicol as advised on the Poo Nurses video, encourage sitting in the morning and evening and see how we go. If that doesn't improve things this week, we'll book in with the doctors so we can start unblocking over half term. Hope you and your daughter crack it soon.

My son has had urgent bladder issues officially for around 4 years but started having pop accidents over a year ago which medical people are quick to say that's what causing bladder problems. Which yes sometimes being constipated can push on the bladder. He had a non bloated stomach and was regular in a daily basis in the pooing side as well as having poo accidents. So when the gastro doctor sent him round for an x-ray I was surprised to be told his whole colon was blocked up. Poor thing!! So the poo accidents was the runny stuff squeezing down the side of the hard blocked stufff and therefore leaking out into an urgent accident!

This maybe grim and very detailed to read but better to talk about this (ha ha!!)

What has worked with my son is saving disimpaction for school holidays, tweak the maintenance daily dose, it take a while but you soon learn what's the right dose of movicol for your child, up the fluids as this obviously helps with constipation, also with them being on Oxybutinin they'll get a dry mouth so will want to drink more anyway, win win!! What has also worked for my son is adding a sit down in the loo 5-10mins after breakfast befor everyone else goes upstairs to brush their teeth so he has quiet private time to go for a poo! Get the toddler steps/stool next to the loo so they can rest their feet on, get some magazines or comics or books and ten the bathroom into a relaxing place to be. Oh and lastly get up 10mins early every morning so you can allow time for this to be added to their routine.

Hope that helps a bit?! Good luck

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