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Getting very anxious about movicol and soiling

My daughter is not yet 3, but she just cannot crack poo potty training. She is 100% wee trained and has been for 4 months or so. She's on movicol. Has had several serious episodes of constipation but did not soil at those points: I think it was dldigestive and witholding. Deifitnetly witholding when 1st potty training. She now poos on the potty when she wants to, but also has accidents which I can't tell whether they are 'can't feel' or 'felt something and did not tell/use the potty in time'. When tired or angry she will also refuse to use the potty.

I now fear leaving the house with her unless I know every toilet spot.

She was doing well on movicol but it's 1 steps forward and 2 steps back. I'm really getting anxious especially as online people talk about not being allowed to go to school if the kids have poo issues (I have worked in schools 15 years and not heard of this but it seems to be a common problem).

She can poo on the potty or toilet, but loses focus/forgets if she's even 2 minutes away from the toilet or potty (as in will tell me, then say "I can't do it/don't need it anymore" unless the loo appears within moments) Then she will ONLY sit for a minute or two. If she doesn't want to push she won't, and she'll struggle to get up and have a tantrum. Minutes later ... a small accident might happen.

Blowing bubbled etc we have tried but if she won't do it, she won't do it.

She is now getting fearful and anxious and holding on till her night time nappy is on then immediately pooing. I try to be calm but she can't/won't tell me whether it's a physical thing where she genuinely can't feel it or can't push, or a witholding thing. Her nursery have checked her development and she comes out as slightly above average but she dodges the questions and won't discuss it. She is sometimes proud of her potty poo, but other times tells me she will only poo in a nappy. After an accident she evades every question (she is never scolded for accidents).

I don't know if:

-I'm not giving enough movicol and thay is causing accidents.

-I am giving too much movicol and they are a little to soft and urgent (have seen some older threads recommending lower Movicol and more fluids)

-it's some kind of long term internal damage no one has picked up on.

-it's behavioural.

I'm just so anxious and stressed about it. Everyone said a couple of months ago that it would get better but it's not. Because of my job time off in term time is very hard which does put a time pressure on it.

Has anyone got any further ideas beyond the usual potty routine, bubbles etc? Because she isn't learning - or can't.

She's on 1 1/2 movicol one day, 1 the next and her poo comes out at a 5 or 6 because we were told to keep it very soft. Poo never hurts and she poos 9 days out of 10. 1 or 2 in the potty but also accidents. She's never soiled when constipated but "Dr Google" made me concerned it was leakage and I kept the dose high, though I wonder if it's too high now.

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Update: she seems to have got her routine back, phew! One accident this weekend - small, just needed skid mark pants swapped not outfit. All others in a potty!


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