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Whats happening !! ??

Not doing so good now ... OMG

Our son was on movicol 2 sachets a day and doing nothing for 2 years approx.

So after seeing senokot on here .... i went to gp demanding it.

So she said to give that and movicol twice daily 1 sachet morn and night but that made it too soft so gave him one.

He got senokot 2 weeks ago and it has been amazing as for 1st time in approx 2 and a half yrs he felt it come and went.

Was great for about 10 days and now not so.

Poo pellets on pants.

And twice pooed himself.

Dunno what to do ...so so depressed and bewildered.

I gave him half a sachet earlier to give 1 and a half a day and the 2.5ml of senokot.

Dont know what to do for best 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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I found it all a bit trial and error with my daughter. Maybe try giving the senokot in one dose in the evening ( my 6 year old was prescribed 5ml in evening daily by consultant) you say you have increased the movicol which i would also have suggested, going from 2 to 1 sachet a day is quite a drop, see how you go on 1.5 sachets. Good luck and stay strong 😬 It's incredibly baffling I agree.

Our consultant also instructed my daughter to do daily sits after dinner for 10 mins on toilet. We used to read etc. Sometimes a poo would come sometimes not but he said it helped the body to get into a routine.

My daughter has done well on senokot and has been off all laxatives for 3 months now and been totally clean until today, she had poo in her knickers after school. Made me shudder at the thought of it all starting again.

Good luck x


See our gp said give in the morn. So tormented in what is best.

Its soul destroying as he has just been like dumped for over 2yrs until iasked for senokot.

Will see what tomoro brings with the 1 and a half movicol as 4 dirty pants today 😭😭

Heart breaking as he was doing so well !!

Do u think it works better at night ? And gp did say up it to 5mls if we feel that the 2.5 is enough

Dont know what to do ... my heart breaks for him.


So sorry to read this. I have no advice as I have no experience of this but I wanted to send big hugs your at xxx

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Way not at!!


I thought senna worked best over night too


So if due tomoro would u start tomorrow night ? And after dinner or before bed ? Thanks


Before bed


Did you discover this when he came home from school? If so, perhaps he is not going to the toilet and needs someone to take him by the hand whilst he sits on the loo, even if he says he doesn't have to go. Sound like he is still not able to regulate himself in this way and needs outside reminders and prodding whilst at school.


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