Help with soiling video on how to help?

Hello, I was wondering if there was any video to show my daughter or myself to help us both or me to understand it a bit more, anything such as a documentary or a YouTube video on it, it would help her to open up more on it to see a video about someone like her with a similar problem, thanks very much, she is 9 years old currently

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  • Have a look at the pooh nurses YouTube video called Tacklng childhood constipation ans soiling with macrogol(movicol).

  • Many parents have found the YouTube video 'The Poo in You' useful in explaining to their children how the digestive system works and why they may be soiling:

    There is also this fictional dramatisation of a family whose young daughter has encopresis:

    Alternatively, I have written a short blog for children who soil telling my story of how I started soiling and how I was able to overcome it:

    Finally, a lot of parents have found my book for girls aged 6 to 12 who soil, 'A Girl Like You', useful for helping to start a conversation with their daughter about her soiling problems:

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