9yo daughter soiling herself

Hello I'm new to this community, my daughter has been soiling herself lately, she won't tell me why, and I have to clean it myself, she usually sits in it until I clean it up, i sometimes leave her alone in the house while I work (her cousins are next door and she knows how to work the house phone and has a key) when I come back she usually soiled herself and there is a lot of it, I've also noticed it's really hard most of the time, if anyone could help me with this that would be great! I can answer any questions about it too

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  • Is she getting enough fluids through the day while at school. This can be a sign of constipation and leaking happening as softer poo escapes around the hard bits and then because she's not telling you it hardens while she's sitting there. Maker sure she's drinking first before worrying.

    Get her to sit on the loo when she gets home from school everyday at the same time to get the routine going. Grapes peas and broccoli are water soluble veg and this helps the body get extra fluid, jelly too. If you're still concerned make an appointment for her gp and talk to the school about drinks during the day and if she is going to the loo at school as this can help you get an idea if she is getting enough fluids.

    As she is older sit her down and ask if her if anything has happened that might make this happen, worry can have an effect on most people's bowls let alone a child. Best wishes

  • Specifically on the issue of your daughter not telling you when she has soiled herself, when I was her age I also soiled myself sometimes and never told anyone what I had done, even though I could usually feel the poo in my pants. I was quite happy to sit, walk, run around or play in pooey pants until my mother discovered that I'd had an accident and had to clean me up. You may like to read this post in my Childhood Soiling blog in which I explain why I did this: childhoodsoiling.blogspot.c...

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