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Any advice? Night time wetting


Hi All,

My son is 8 and has never been dry at night. He has been prescribed Desmomelts and uses a Chummy Alarm, but continues to sleep though it. We wake him every night when the alarm sounds. He also takes Movicol and drinks adequately through the day (as a nurse I really think we're ticking all the boxes). The Continence nurse has said we should persevere with the alarm for 3 months, we are on our knees with tiredness, my son is obviously also very tired. Should I persevere or is there anything we're missing here?

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Hi, I'm not sure if this is officially 'allowed' but my son is also 8 and has just been put onto desmomelts, we are up to 2 tablets and they still were not working so I tried stopping his liquid straight after dinner, waiting the hour then giving him the melts, I then left him another hour to let it start to work and then did the bedtime wee, brush teeth, story, wee routine. He was dry last night, all night for the first time ever! Now it might just be coincidence but I am going to keep doing it like that too see if it carries on working. Needless to say Beans is so chuffed with himself this morning and is the happiest I have seen him in a long time, the constant waking up wet was making him quite upset. I have said to him not to get too excited just yet as it's only one night but its hard not too be just a little excited!

I hope things improve for you and your son, I know how hard it is being up every night changing soggy sheets x

It's so exhausting being up every night isnt' it :( mine is 8 too and in a similar position. FWIW we had a flow test done recently which has led to medication for an overactive bladder being added to the Desmomelts and that's really, really made a difference. I think they like to try one thing at a time though. Keep experimenting, and keep asking for ideas and help, I guess is the only thing I'd suggest? Good luck and hope your washing machine holds up (ours packed in recently after all the sheets every day.. and I was just so hacked off lol)

Thanks 'replyers' your kind words do really help. What was the drug given for an overactive bladder- my son also has this? X

My daughter bumble who is 5 is on Oxybutynin. 5mg twice a day currently,, xx

I think it's called oxybutin? Alibee75 will be able to tell you for sure but that's what they were talking about putting beans on if the desmomelts don't work x

Hi sorry to be slow, yes same as Bumblesmum it is 5mg oxybutynin hydrochloride my DD is on, brand name Lyrinel XL, just once a day for us alongside the desmomelts (not at the same time tho! - she has the oxybutynin with her brekkie).

Doesn't work for everyone but I guess you just keep trying things til something does... good luck x

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