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ED problem

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Got ED after prostatectomy , need your advice

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I’ve written on here before about the solution I eventually chose after exhausting all alternatives. Erectile implants which I had in Univercity City of London Hospital. Solved my problem of being unable to maintain an erection following nerve damage to my lower spine

Sorry to hear of your ED. I had some going in to surgery. I got the RALP "nerve sparing." My surgeon, an expert in this surgery, said there was a 50-50 chance of ED (and some incontinence). Is this what you had? Being in my late 60s at the time, and with no sex partner (or caring for one), I wasn't too worried. After about a year, I tried Viagra (for "personal" use only!) and found that it worked well enough to obtain an erection. It takes awhile for the traumatized nerves to work again, so you must be patient. I haven't tried the other methods people use, so that is all I can provide. Best of luck to you.

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