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57 year old Prostate Cancer Survivor

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I'm new here and had my prostate removed a year ago. I'm thankfully healthy and very active. However, I have yet to receive a full erection. All my nerves are intact.

Viagra has some effect but not fully. What have you done to correct or improve

this ? Also, has anyone used the Phoenix? It's an apparatus that helps blood flow?

Thanks! Michael

6 Replies
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What dose of viagra have you tried? And are you getting spontaneous nocturnal erections?

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Mikey29466 in reply to xsevenx

20 mg and not yet regarding night erections

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xsevenx in reply to Mikey29466

20mg is quite a low dose. Some guys are on 100mg. Since you are thankfully otherwise healthy perhaps increasing the dose may help.

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I had TB meningitis which effected my nerves at the base of my spine and I was unable to get a full erection. After years of trying different meds and devices I found out about penile implants which has restored my sex life

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Hi Mikey29466. Sorry to hear from a fellow sufferer of ED due to prostate surgery. I too had prostate surgery, now almost 2 years ago, supposedly "nerve sparing," at a supposedly top-notch hospital. Zero ability to get a natural erection since then. I have been using Trimix injections to get erections, that works well, I recommend going straight to Quadmix, because the erection from Trimix causes a fairly painful erection, and whatever is in Quadmix works just as well but much less pain. Lasts about an hour.

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Ty for the suggestion. Trimex has not been working lately for me. I am meeting with my doc next week and will ask about Quadmix also about a vacuum pump. Some on here says that helps.

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