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Still not took Tadalafil worried about side effects

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i only want to take one 10Mg every few weeks

not took any yet and it was you who said you felt nauseous

Tadalafil, like all the PDE5 drugs has side effects that appear highly individualized to each individual. That means, the side effects you get (or don't get) from it will not be the same as me or the next guy. In my case tadalafil has no side effects, Viagra, OTOH, hands me almost every one that's ever been listed. I've tried the others too with varying results and varying side effects. Others have reported that side effects sometimes lessen with continued use (and I would expect the opposite might happen, too). It is true for most drugs that our body's reaction to them will change over time - some more effective, some less effective. Generally, that means that one pill is not a valid test. So don't worry about that long scary list you find when your look at the info sheet; try it, see how it works for you. (That's what sample packs are for.)

true will try one now. Had a pack of 4 of the doctor

What side effects are you worried about? I felt a little flushed the first few times I took it and minor heartburn but now no side effects at all.

I take 10 or 20mg as needed. I have a lot of flushing and feel achy the next day plus I experience pretty bad indigestion. I take aspirin and antacids to get through it. The side effects are well worth it as I tend to have marathon "sessions" after taking it.

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Johnny1961 in reply to jplant

half worked and still got headache 4 ays later

Just start with a little and see how you react. I have taken the 5mg daily dose for quite a while. I still get a little heart burn but otherwise it works well. Start by cutting your pill in half, give it about 2 hours to kick in.

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Johnny1961 in reply to willyspu

half worked and still got headache 4 ays later

Only good effects for me with tadalafil / cialis. Schwing.

half worked and still got headache 4 ays later

Yes not sure what to do now might just forget about sex now.

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WSOPeddie in reply to Johnny1961

Try taking a couple of L-Arginine capsules along with tiny dose of sildenafil or tadalafil. Arginine has been called the poor man's viagra.

Hi , i have had no side effects at all , but everyone is different, try half a tablet at first - good luck

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Johnny1961 in reply to Homer32

one tablet never worked so half is a waste of time

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Homer32 in reply to Johnny1961

I agree , need chat with doc . I often had that where i could even take 2 with no results & just come to accept that sometimes just wasn't gona happen , hope you get sorted , few people advised use of 'pumps' - not too sure on these

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Johnny1961 in reply to Homer32

Did work but not fully might just try again

just going to leave it now fed-up of it all.

What was you on before ? i was worndeing if 2.5 might be better for me than 10Mg they worked a bit but not 100%

did 10Mg give you a good erection

Lucky then mine never give me a good erection only about 60% but i only ever took one tablet. but had bad head and felt little sick but would use them if they worked.

Yes will get them to call me about it

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