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My erection problem

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My problem started with my diabetes my erection problem came after 5 years of being diagnosis I was prescribed Viagra my wife said take the pill so I did it worked within 10 minutes but she was asleep in 5 minutes this carried on then I developed angina so had to come off of Viagra and went on to Caverject after a couple of months still no intercourse so I said to the wife why aren't we having intercourse she said stop on about sex my penis doesn't work so how can I fuck her . Her exact words that was 15 years ago and my erection s have since stopped completely not even Caverject or Viridal duo works so I've given up altogether but I want them back now and not for my wife either so any suggestions

2 Replies

no need for sorry here. not a requirement

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sorry to say but you might have to trade your wife in for a newer model that will work with you insted of aginset you

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