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Started using Bimix this year. Results are adequate, nothing spontaneous about it whatsoever. Wife has to be on same page or it’s wasted. Vials came with 2.5 cc, which based on my dosing is good for about 8 injections per month. Vial, once opened and refrigerated, is only good for 30 days. I am wasting about 2 cc every month. Need to have compounding pharmacy make smaller volumes Sex life very low gear so lots of room to alter Bimix vial volume

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Good luck. I hope it works well.

CRNA45, I used bimix for 2 years, yes had to increase dose a little over the time span, now at 04.2 cc . I get mine from Empower Pharmacy out of Houston. The supply it in dry form so you can travel with it. Until reconstituted you do not have to refrigerate. That said, you can use it until it will not work for you any more. Don't have to throw away. It does slowly lose its potency but only a tiny bit over time. I used it usually 2 to 3 times a week, no spontaneous sex- you and your wife have to plan sex, and it is usually about 2-3 hours of erection - use it as much or as little as you want. We have really enjoyed the marathon sex - but we tend to drink more during it and that is tough when you have to work the next day. My problem with using it is it has started to leave nodules or hard areas in my shaft. So be careful, don't limit the areas that you inject to one spot, move that injection site all over. 9-11 and 1-3 up and down the penis. I said used at the beginning of this, I am now recovering from a penile implant surgery. Got a coloplast titan 24xl implanted this past week. I am on a new coarse, I waited 2.5 years for my erections to return, nada... I am hoping this leads to more spontaneous sex, but my wife and I agree, we are gonna continue the marathon sex often.

I hope you find your answers


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