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I bought some Viagra Connect, but I can't handle the side-effects. If you post your UK email, I'll arrange to post the bubble-pack to you.

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What was the problem with the side effects?

TheGeorge in reply to Hidden

I was prescribed generic sildenafil by my GP: that worked well, the only side-effects being my eyes feeling hot, and "indigestion " for an hour or so. Then, rather than ask for another prescription, I went to a chemist and bought Viagra Connect. I took half a 50mg tablet one morning; the effect was severe visual disturbance (unable to drive a car) for perhaps two hours, and a savage headache which lasted all day. I've kept the unused half-tablet, but I shall not use the other three in the bubble-pack. If I knew the maker of the generic sildenafil that I had before, I would try to get some more.

Hidden in reply to TheGeorge

Have you tried tadalafil? It seems to be a bit more gentle in terms of unwanted effects.

WellySam in reply to Hidden

I have switched to that and it is a revelation It lasts for up to 72 hours for me, gives a more natural erection and no side effects

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