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A question about Trimix.


What is the strongest dose of Trimix you have taken, and has that helped you with firm and lasting erections? Did you start with a lower strength dose?

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35 units, on a scale of 1-10, I gots 4, so the answer in no nothing helps

formula 30/20/2 and 60 units along with a cock ring gets me fully erect.

The strongest dose I took was 1 ml (unfortunately, I don't have the specific dose readily available to give you). Unfortunately it didn't work so I've resigned to being a bottom only (which is fine!).

My urologist put me on .5 ml of Trimix , I got the erection in about 10 min, but it was painful and leaned to one side after 3hrs of being erect I ended up in the ER for 3 hrs while they got it back to normal, talking with the nurse at the pharmacy she suggested the dose was probably too strong and to talk with my Dr. about using Bimix instead I have an appoinment with him in a couple of weeks

Yes to lower strength first...worked well at 10-15 units. Now however.. None of the Trimix or Bimox strengths are working well. Once I passed 50 units...I gave up on that prescription (provided it was within a portion date). Keep cold near upper blowing vent in refrigerator for best storage.

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