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Tadalifil 20 is safe?


I just was prescribed 20 mg Tadalifil. Anyone have experience taking this medication on Himsedpills.com? Had been on 5 mg every day wihh I have discontinued.

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Why were you initially on such a low dose?

negative aspects of pills side effects

but i realize that no any side effects👍

Good luck. I’ve never taken that one, but I took viagra several years until last year it was discontinued. I’m seeing the doc next week and I’ll ask him for another prescription. Does anyone know of any new advances in other ED meds?

msft in reply to JonJohn

Topical compounded 0.6% Nitroglycerin cream not to be used in conjunction with PDE5 inhibitors such as Tadalfil and is relatively new the market and enjoying some success.

IP_Nightly in reply to msft

Can you buy nitroglycerin cream or is it prescription only?

msft in reply to IP_Nightly

It is a prescription and a compounded prescription to be exact.

IP_Nightly in reply to msft

Have you tried it?

msft in reply to IP_Nightly

Yes and it works fairly well. Better than Tadalafil for me.

I was prescribed 5mg Tadalafil when I had my Bladder and Prostate removed, and had a Neobladder reconstruction.... I was taking 5 mg once a day, not much effect... but now take 20mg when needed, and all is good!

The low dose tadalafil (AKA cialis) is often prescribed for penile health. It promotes nocturnal erections which help keep the penis healthy and avoid atrophy for those on ADT. Unlike viagra, the effects of which last maybe 4 or 6 hours, cialis effects (the 'weekend pill') can last a couple of days. It can also benefit those who have difficulty emptying the bladder because of enlarged prostate. Not a doctor, I just play one on the internet.

IP_Nightly in reply to WSOPeddie

I’d like to try tadalafil but my doctor insists tamsulosin is better for my prostate symptoms.

WSOPeddie in reply to IP_Nightly

I've dealt with BPH and yes I was prescribed tamsulosin. The doctor is right. I've heard that cialis can help in that regard too but not as a replacement for tamsulosin if that is needed. Maybe in addition to it?

Thouck in reply to IP_Nightly

I use both and since I do my results have been fantastic

Hi JamesbengaeI have taken Tadadafil 20 occasionally before my prostatectomy. It was very effective for me. It’s effectiveness Lasts approximately 36 hours. No side effects. On .5 mg daily now post surgery but ED is involved now.

It's fine. Use as needed. You might feel a little flushed feeling in your cheeks and maybe a little mild heartburn. But the pills work for me.

I was told by my doctor that 20mg tabs are NOT for daily use... so I use 5mg daily, and 20mg "as needed"

joblogs56 in reply to Thouck

hi I take 5mg daily...is it safe to take 20mg on the odd day if you have been taking the 5mg ?

I tried Sildenafil (viagra) previously but didn’t like the side effects.

My doc changed me over to tadalafil 20mg and I have zero side effects.

I'm on 5 mg Tadalafil daily for BPH -- and 20 mg when needed. Sometimes I cheat and add a booster to the 20mg -- (an extra 5 or 10 mg). My blood pressure runs on the low side and even so, I've never had an episode of low BP. I'm not recommending it, just reporting my experience, which suggests that there's probably a margin of safety built into the dosage.

IP_Nightly in reply to 2b-lucky

Are you happy with tadalafil treating your BPH symptoms?

Last February, I had a prostate artery embolization (PAE) which only works if you have a large prostate. Mine was huge. Before the PAE, the combination of doxyzosin (8 mg) and Tadalafil (5 mg) helped, but did not solve the BPH symptoms. Since the PAE, the BPH symptoms are very minor. I continue the 5mg daily Tadalafil mainly for its sexual benefit. By itself, 5 mg doesn't do that much, but I feel it helps maintain a baseline "readiness."

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