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Anyone ever use PDE-5 inhibitors?


I am researching PDE-5 inhibitors for ED. I have tried Bimix, Trimix with varying results...but the high cost, injection procedure, Trimix ache and the unpredictable results (hit or miss with no rhyme or reason) becoming a drag. I am post-op and ADT therapy for Stage 4 Prostate finding something easier to use with more predictable results would help. I can get semi erect on my own...but need a boost. Viagra and Cialis give me heartburn for days and headaches and not always dependable.


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I’ve used trimix for about a year and at first it worked great but gradually I had to give a larger dose up to 25 units each time and sometimes it was hit and miss. A few times I Hit a nerve and almost flew out of my chair. I soon lost interest in using it due to the expense and the wasted times it didn’t work. It was just to frustrating. So i gave up on using it. I heard they have a gel version you inject into the urethra that doesn’t require needles. So I was thinking of looking into that.

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The gel only comes in the lower strength of Trimix. So not a good fit for me.

This is a case of individual differences with Cialus ,Viagra etc. I have no problem with cialus at all. I do not get erections from taking it but cialus makes my orgasms more intense

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