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How to Build Sexual Endurance for Men?

Sexual Endurance is the time a man can last in bed. If he does not last as long as he wants it will mean he gets early ejaculation, is unable to have the type of sex he wants or has erectile dysfunction.

If a man is worried about his sexual endurance he should get himself physically checked. The cause of sexual shortcomings is not easy to identify. Sexual endurance does not depend only on age and fitness. A man who does not feel physically well for sex definitely has a severe medical problem

Foods that can improve sexual endurance

There are a few things that you would not like to last long and sex is definitely not one of them. A Sexual Medicine Journal has revealed that the maximum time a couple spends hugging and grinding is just 4 -14 minutes. Research has revealed that women want sex time to last longer.

Here are some foods that will help to improve your sexlife. One of them is watermelon which is a rich source of L-citrulline. L-citrulline changes to L-arginine in the body that kindles the production of nitric oxide that increases the blood supply to the penis and strengths erection. Chili peppers contain a good amount of capsaicin which burns calories and activates libido.

Apple is a fruit that can extend your sexual stamina. It contains quercetin which is an antioxidant flavonoid. Ginger is another food that can enhance your sex life by helping in blood flow and improving the health of the arteries. Salmon is a fish that can contain omega -3 fatty acids which helps in the production of nitric oxide that aids to hold the erection longer. There are lot more fruits and substances like bananas, garlic, nuts, quinoa, oats, and tuna fish that can contribute

Build Sexual Endurance with Exercise

A sexologist can help to build sexual endurance and increase intimacy between the couple. He is one who can guide on the exercises to do to improve sexual endurance. Among the many exercise that you can do the Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscle which is also known as PC.

As you gain strength in your pelvic muscle you will have more control over it. It is said that men who have control over their pelvic muscle can delay ejaculation and have stronger erections.

Kegel exercises should be done on an empty bladder as a full bladder can lead to urinary tract infections. Women who have trouble reaching an orgasm will benefit with Kegel exercise.

How to increase sexual stamina in men?

Sex stamina is of utmost importance to men for a satisfying and pleasing intercourse. Men very often are not open about their sexual problems and do not like to talk even to the partner. This results in anxiety and very bad sexual performance.

Sex is a natural procedure in every human being and each one can use the best techniques to make it enjoyable. If men do not exercise and keep themselves fit they will not have sexual endurance.

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I have not had sex for 3 years and it has broken my relationship completely down. We have no intimacy whatsoever but I feel like he is not attracted to me anymore, my boyfriend has a silfandil coming from Himm has anyone used this before?


This is great advice for men of all ages. I am 65. Thanks for sharing.


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