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What are you looking for from our Erectile Dysfunction Support Group?


What are you looking for from our Erectile Dysfunction Support Group? This sounds like an obvious question (answer: erections) but I think we will be surprised by the variety of answers that are possible. (I don't want to feel lonely, I want to get my orgasm back, I am embaressed to be with my partner) Please reply below, OR, send me an email to darryl@malecare.org Thanks!

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I'm looking to see if someone has had similar problems to mine and see if they have solved that problem and how. My issue is the fact that cialis and viagra work ok providing the erection, but both drugs cuts the sensations in my penis at least in half, a lot of times to the point of not being to orgasm. Very frustrating!

RaglandT2 in reply to Hidden

I suspect it is not that the drugs cut the sensation in your penis. I have a similar problem, and often have to work very hard to reach orgasm. The loss of sensation was already there. When you have taken a pill to create an erection, it's just that that's when you will notice it.

My answer is brief: ERECTIONS!

My answer to don7065.

Friend about the orgasm and frustration, I think that most things in ours life beguins in ours mind, you heve to mentalize the best, the psicologic is so import at this time.

try to do it, you will see the things will be better.

Hello Darryl,

I'm looking for guys who struggle and deal with ED and how they deal with it.

So looking for answers to make the quality of my sex life better and hopefully help

other guys to the same ends.

I'm just here to provide info of what I've found over the years. This year I am planning a second prosthetic surgery. The first one was successful but they had to go to a smaller girth due to injection scaring being severe. Saw doc last Dec and he said everything looks good to move forward when ready. However, boating and swimming season is upon us here in Havasu. She's happy with it so I will delay a little longer (no pun intended) .

Looking to learn from others experiences, especially those who experience ED from medications. I'm on stimulants for ADD and want to see if anyone has found anything that counteracts the ED side effects.

Hi Darryl

I'm on various meds for high blood pressure and blood thinning since have stents fitted last year. I need to ascertain how much of my ED can be attributed to them and how much of it is psychological because you always wonder if you'll be OK this time round. Naturally that is self defeating straight away. The GP's advice when I asked was to take it more slowly and don't rush things...

Erectile dysfunction problem is common each 3rd men. Don't take a risk your own health.

First concern your doctor and then take and drugs. As per my experience, generic drugs are useful or cure your ed. one such good blog here erectile dysfunction treatment

Which may helpful for ed patient.

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