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Clinics are on strike in Kimberley.

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What should people who take any medication including epilepsy medication do when clinics are on strike? Some of my brother's tablets were soon going to run out, but we managed to get a copy of the prescription and my father bought more at a pharmacy. The tablets are very expensive at the pharmacy. I hope that the clinics in Kimberley won't be on strike for too much longer. My brother and I both normally get our tablets at the pharmacy and if the strike goes on for too much longer we will become bankrupt if we have to keep buying the tablets at a pharmacy. A lot of people who go to the clinics don't even earn a salary or have medical aid. I just wish the striking workers would take in to consideration that they are putting people's lives at risk. Both my brother and I need to see a doctor next month to get our prescriptions renewed, but I just hope that the strike will be over by then.

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Thank you for letting us know. We have reported this to the National Department of Health with a request for urgent intervention.

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