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How can I explain my condition to my three years old daughter?

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I normally have seizures at night and I sleep with my three years old daughter. Sometimes when I get back to normal after the seizure, I find her crying and I don't know the way that I can use to explain it to her.

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Explaining epilepsy to a toddler can be difficult. We have a series of animated videos on our website featuring Campi (a seahorse) who develops epilepsy. You can access these videos at Click on the "epilepsy information" tab and you will find the videos in the section for children.

Hi, Wo wo wo..... please please stop keeping her in your bed immediately! It is not safe, and you will end up hurting her physically which is very irresponsible. I also have seizures in my sleep, and I'm a grown ass woman. Once my cousin slept next to me and it scared her like crazy...she is the mother of 4. Adults freak out seeing people having seizures, how much more so putting a toddler through such a nightmare, leaving them, fearful, defenseless and expecting them to understand. Don't be ridiculous and selfish. And then do you want to tell everyone how strong she is? You could hurt her badly physically! Epilepsy gives us a reason to live a better life. A life with better choices. After every seizure we have an opportunity to begin again.

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Thank you very much, now I see what I never thought about.

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I'm also like that at nightI'm

In the morning I don't know nothing I nee d helpd

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