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Getting around

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Hey everyone,

So... I am recently (a couple of months ago) diagnosed with TLE that eventually becomes a tonic-clonic seizure with loss of consciousness. Recovery afterwards takes a couple of hours (!).

In any event, it does mean that I can no longer drive which presents a problem... I, for the moment, live in Pretoria and work in Johannesburg. My question that I would appreciate your input on is this (twofold) (especially the input of @EpilepsySA):

1) Getting to Park station is easy enough via the Gautrain; however, getting to the office near the SABC in Auckland Park is more of a challenge. I've had a look at services like Uber, Bolt etc. and while they work fine, they do become quite pricey quite quickly. How do you commute between home and work? Is there a rideshare service somewhere? I don't mind taking public transport at all, HOWEVER, I travel with a fair bit of technology (read laptop) that I worry might be taken from me waiting for the bus in areas that are not considered safe.

2) More generally, what are our options for getting around town independently? For that matter, getting around anywhere that one would like to go.

Thank you, guys. I'm keenly awaiting your thoughts on the matter. Much appreciated.

Keep well, R.

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This is indeed a problem for many persons with epilepsy. However, it is possible to return to driving once you are sufficiently seizure free. We are currently revising our epilepsy and driving position paper, but would be happy to share the previous version with you in the interim. Please email so that we can forward this to you.

Are you aware that Epilepsy SA has a Branch in Gauteng. We would be happy to put you in touch with them. You can contact Manini Maruwa by emailing or calling the Branch during office hours on (011) 811-1590. She will also be able to advise you on safe travel routes in your area.

We wish you well in this period of adjustment and remind you that we are available to assist.

Thank you for your reply! I've sent off an email to Manini and will post what we discover back on this thread for others to see. :-)

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EpilepsySAAdministrator in reply to HangingOn28

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

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