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Young Epilepsy Botswana

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We successfully launched young epilepsy society on the 26th March here in Botswana,we will soon have a nation that understand Epilepsy.

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To All,

What wonderful news!

I am pleased to read the above and am one of your great supporters through Facebook! I have had epilepsy now for 41 years and have found strength from within to keep positive.

Please continue to go forward and help all with epilepsy... We need more Societies to spread more awareness!

Please feel free to contact me further should anyone wish to.



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Thank you Les, for your continued support, your quotes are the best and they inspire us,we will definitely be in touch for any assistance.

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Thank you, Ithabeleng! Lovely to hear from you! May we continue to make epilepsy more aware and unite with one another! Keep in touch!



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Thank you, ithabeleng! Have a super day and love and support to you all!

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This is fantastic news. The African Chapter of the International Bureau for Epilepsy is keen to make contact with you. Please email Marina Clarke on

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ithabeleng in reply to EpilepsySA

Thank you will do so.

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Great news, Marina... Looking forward to your making contact with them too!


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This is Fantastic News - I have Epilepsy and am National Vice Chairperson for Epilepsy South Africa. I started the first epilepsy support group, Epicare, in the Cape Province in 1986, which I ran for 26 years. I wish you all the success and don't hesitate to call should you need advice.

Regards Tim

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ithabeleng in reply to Tdevilliers

Thanks Tim, will do.

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Wow, that is great Ithabeleng...good luck and it would be great to hear from you about how things are going so keep posting here!

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We are busy with awareness at schools, I`m joined by five young people living with epilepsy and we also hand out seizure first aid pamphlets.

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