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Brain Hospital-Channel 5 29/01 10pm

Hi All,

this program might be of interest to some,filmed at The Walton Centre,Liverpool.My wife has severe epilepsy and we was filmed in clinic (not sure if they used this footage).It will be an eye opener to many and maybe give new hope. DBS (deep brain stimulation) is shown in the 1st program, there is 4 1hr episodes.Here's the trailer


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Thanks so much for sending through. Regret, I am based in South Africa. On opening channel5 I'm told I cannot view this video in my country or location.

I would love to see it!




Hi Paul -

I'm over in France but I can usually pick up Channel 5 so I'll flag it up for Tuesday evening.

Thank you for letting us know - I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.



Thanks for sharing and good luck to you and your wife.


Hi Paul,

Have tried to go through and view. Am told this video cannot be viewed from your country or location... I am based in South Africa.

I would have loved to view the video but looks like South Africa is once again left out.


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