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Anyone experienced pressure in the brain while asleep?

On the point of waking up from sleep, or rather while still in sleep mode but semi conscious, I get this increasing pressure feeling inside my brain, the pressure builds up on the inside of the inner eardrums on both sides.., like my ears are about to burst open, and perhaps my head explode :/ I wake up and the pressure feeling stops but for a little while after I feel heavy headed and slightly blurry vision. ...Anyone had this?

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I get that u might just suffer from sinusitus and pressure through stress have you been diagnosed with epilepsy? I would go and see a doctor to check just to make sure


Thanks Jamie, but yes I am diagnosed with epilepsy since I was 15 years old (now 38), been on medication ever since, but only in last 10 years maybe I have experienced these nocturnal sensations, and seems to be increasing lately...

I did check with the neurologist and he said it wasnt real, just a sensation.., but I dont know if that is so, if feels very real indeed..


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