Anybody experienced barriers with their work?

Hi. I am new to this and discovered the forum by sheer accident as I was looking on the NHS website re pregnancy. I suffer from complex partial seizures and was diagnosed at 11. I was wondering if anyone had concerns/ difficulties regarding their work. I am training to be a health professional but risk assessments and concern from my colleagues is allowing me to question whether I can do what I want to do. I am training as a psychologist and can count the amount of times i have had a seizure at work. Any chat/relatedness to prob would be really helpful.

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  • I work for NHS only in facilities they were great then I got new bosses who hate my epilepsy so depends who you end up with however I needed psychologist on my side when I went for my op! So you CD be handy!

  • Know exactly what you mean. In my last job my immediate boss was really supportive, but in past jobs people's fears and anxieties seem to exceed their ability to try to understand and support. Even as a trainee psychologist you can be knocked off your perch and lose your confidence!!

  • I would say don't give up on want you want to do. Be determined to overcome any obstacles you may find in your work environment, armed with a thorough knowledge of the law regarding disability discrimination. I am sure you will find your niche in your chosen profession using all the support you are entitled to. There may be some limitations but there should still be a position you are able to fill; competently and in safety!

  • Hi there. I want to thank you for your inspirational response. Even though I am quite hormonal at the moment owing to pregnancy, I think I would still have shed a little tear because it gave me such encouragement and hope that I can do whatever I want to- even with the presence of limitations and realistic hurdles. Guess I sometimes feel a little disheartened by people's responses to 'epilepsy' even though I am a strong and intelligent women and am capable of being a competent professional. You would be a good therapist ;-)

  • Thanks.... :) I do hope you pregnancy goes smoothly. Take extra care and don't hesitate to call the doctor at any time if you are worried about your health or that of your unborn babe!

  • Had one attack whilst working at school as a technician. My good Neurologist got me back after three months, I think.

    Then had no episodes 'til I retired 25 years later. A conservative, old school head was the sticking point but 5 years' service beforehand had established my reliability. Good luck.

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