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A Blog on Blogs

The word ‘blog’ stands for ‘web’ + ‘log’.

Essentially, it is a place where you can log things. You might be asking yourself, ‘What

kind of things?’. Well, really anything relating to how epilepsy affects your life.

So, you can write about anything from how epilepsy impacts your family life to the side

effects of certain drugs to how it makes you feel (whether emotionally or physically).

One of the best ways to foster a sense of community is to post a testimonial blog: when

were you diagnosed and what has your journey been like since that point?

Blogs can be as short as you like so don’t feel you need loads of content. Simply post

what’s on your mind.

That’s it. Now go blog so we can read and comment!

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Hello Everybody

I'm a 48yr old woman diagnosed with complex partial seizures 5 years ago and take carbamazepine twice daily. I've had problems with my short term memory and oddly enough with remembering faces and places too making it awkward sometimes when I meet someone thinking I've never met them before and I have!!! Has anyone else experienced this? I moved to a new building at work a couple of years ago and still have difficulty finding my way around. I find it very embarassing. I did ask my consultant who isn't sure if its cos of the epilepsy or the medication or even the result of a stroke I had which my GP said was the most likely cause of the onset of the epilepsy. I have also needed antidepressants and my GP says depression can often occur in epileptics and he thinks I have IDD (interictal dysphoric disorder). I am taking sertraline for this. Again I would love to hear from anyone else in the same boat?


Hello. I have just started writing my own blog on, everydayepilepticmum.co.uk I would love for you and others to read.


Lucy x


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