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Really Confused


Last Sat my speech went really slow & I couldn't swallow easily plus use my right arm that well. I was rushed upto our local hospital & admitted to the Stroke ward & saw the Consultant Mon who said that it was all down to my Epilepsy & nasty seizures, but I'd been told on the 18th that I'd suffered a 2nd stroke & by the Junior Doctor on the ward

Can Epilepsy give you these symptoms after bad seizures?

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Hi, I have suffered with epilepsy for over 10years and in the past year as well as my usual types of seizure, absent, complex partial and fits I now have what have been called mini seizures where I can hear what I’m trying to say but can’t say it and instead of words coming out it’s a mumbling sound and I get the aura at the same time but am aware throughout.

I also have trouble swallowing all of the time but have been told by my neurologist epilepsy doesn’t cause this but the side affects listed on my medication says otherwise and after some bad seizures I will have heavy dead arms and/or legs that really ache.

I hope your ok and you haven’t had a stroke.

Nines X

The doctors surgery says that the that I have & the Junior doctor on the ward also agreed with them, so I trust them both as I wasn't put on the Statins until last mnth when I should have way back in Jan!

I still haven't recovered use of my right leg & grip in my right hand to what it was before the 16th & the same applies for my speech despite only having 1 night seizure, so hopefully they'll be settling down back to 1 every 3-4 mnths like before

Hi, I’m so sorry to hear this and I would agree with the doctors on the ward because usually the ache is gone within 48hrs after a seizure unless you collapse and become injured.

I think you should get a second opinion

Take care X

My speech isn't what it was plus I now have problems swallowing. My rightside is worse than what it was after my 1st stroke back in Jan & I now have to walk with 2 sticks around the flat & a wheeled walker when out, I also have a small rail on my side of the bed to help me since the 16th June

Hi, I’m sorry to hear your still suffering so much and the pain from a seizure as you know is gone within a couple of days unless you’re injured during it.

So it sounds like so much more than a seizure. Good luck with everything.

Take care X

Thanks, my husband is gonna complain to the hospital service PALS about all of this as I found out today that I could have been carrying on taking a tablet that I thought they'd stopped

The sad thing is that the truth as to what happened to me will never be on my records as I highly doubt that the doctor I've gotta see on the 21st will admit to it either as he ain't admitted to the 1st 1!

I don’t blame you, I’d complain to as this is your health and you need to be taken seriously and listened to. I’ve had an apology from an epilepsy nurse

For something minor but never the less professionals can and do make mistakes and when it’s affected your health it needs to be addressed.

I hope your ok, well as ok as you can be.

Take care XXX

The only people that have taken this seriously is our doctors surgery & so I trust them, but we'll be going back upto the hospital for other reasons, so hopefully they won't do it again

I'm as well as I can be, taking each day as I can as some days I can do less than others

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