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New seizures and hypothyroidism

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So ive started having new seizures, I have non epileptic seizures, but for the last few months ive started having new seizures, my left side of my head gets a sharp pain, I have twitching in my right hand and I glaze over for around 30 seconds to a minute. Ive also been diagnosed with hypothyroidism so I wonder if there is a correlation of having both? They are getting me a head scan and to see neurology, but I was wondering does this sound like it could be epilepsy, im 23 years old and very confused and alone :(

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There could well be a correlation with both. Be aware that hundreds of people suffer from epilepsy, and the whole of your body is connected. I've been going through a terrible time these two years because I've been going through the perimenopause so my hormones have been going haywire! This has cause my seizures to double in frequency. It might be difficult (I'm sure it is), but try and be philosophical, get in touch (there are lots of epilepsy societies on facebook). Maybe diet will help (by this I mean stabilising sugar levels. I'm trying a low glycemic index diet, and try and focus on one thing. Find people of similar age and either chat or meet up for coffee or tea. This will help you feel less alone!

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Thank you so much :) Oh bless you, im sorry to hear that! Oh right! Thank you so much for all your help and advice! I will do that, thank you :)

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Sorry, I'm not very good at checking my social media sites. I just want to check and reply. I hope you're feeling better now. I remember (over 20 years ago now) when I was your age. The most important thing is to get out, and find friends. This is something I'm telling myself too! Remember everyone suffers from a lack of confidence at times so we all need to find activities to help build it up again. This also applies to me too at my age!

you’re not alone! i also suffer from hypothyroidism caused by hashimotos, i have been asking the same question if they are related!! i haven’t been able to find any answers yet, i hope you can. i’m also in my early 20’s. not an easy thing to go through while you’re trying to navigate adult life, i also feel very alone sometimes.

I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling alone. I've started suffering from, I think, Hypoglycemic nocturnal seizures, got to go for CT scan etc next few weeks. It's a scary time when you're not totally sure what's wrong with you, I sympathize. Have you thought about trying CBD oil, rather than medication? I might give it a go I think....... Best of luck to you, stay strong.

Hey I’m 22 I’ve got hypothyroidism and suffer from seizures too I know how you feel and what your going through I’m always here if you ever need or want to talk or anything

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